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5 Top US Netflix Series In 2021 That The Great White North Is Missing

Netflix is the epitome of entertainment with the most expansive selection of shows, movies, and documentaries. The content catalogues are based on the users’ location, meaning Canadians can access the local Netflix library. If a show is streaming on US Netflix only, it won’t be available on Netflix in Canada.  Though Canadian Netflix is better […]

Netflix’s Geeked Week Highlights Upcoming Releases

Netflix Geeked, home to the streaming giant’s news center of superheroes, anime, fantasy and many other varied realms of fanservice- is bringing the Geek to your living room next month. The completely online (and completely free) event promises a deep dive into trailers, news, announcements, exclusive clips and brand new unveilings. Just take a look […]

Mondo Releasing “Cobra Kai” Soundtrack and New Poster!

We wish we had a larger place to better display everything we want from Mondo. This week’s release happens to be one of our favorite retro-inspired warm and fuzzy modern series, “Cobra Kai.” Originally starting as a YouTube release, the show was picked up by Netflix, who have certainly made this “The Karate Kid” continuation […]

More of 11’s Backstory Teased in “Stranger Things” s4

We knew we were getting something “Stranger Things” released today. Yesterday, streaming giant Netflix teased a reveal for the upcoming 4th season of the show. And this morning, a very short 1-minute clip was released. It centers around the study of children, most of whom have the same gown and haircut we first saw 11 […]

“Stranger Things” Teases Something With Video

Before you get your hopes up for anything awesome for “Stranger Things” season 4, this video doesn’t really HAVE anything in it. It was teased today by the official writer’s room account for the hit Netflix series, and we’re not sure what to make of it. Looking at the text in the video, one can […]