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Delroy Lindo Officially Joins Marvel Studios “Blade” Cast

Can we stop for a second and just stew with the fact that Delroy Lindo is BRITISH? I always knew that in concept, but he uses his native accent so scarcely I forget every single time it comes up. That doesn’t have anything to do with the latest casting announcement, but I had to get […]

“Black Widow” Stands Among the Top of MCU Solo Entries [Review]

It’s taken far too long for “Black Widow” to finally come to the big screen, but now that it’s finally here it’s a solid and entertaining entry into the MCU pantheon of films, and easily among the top of the solo outings. Beyond it being a combination origin story and solo adventure, it also beings […]

Time Variant Authority Enlists “Loki” in New Disney+ Trailer

We are really looking forward to Disney+’s next live-action Marvel Studios show, “Loki.” Aside from the character’s popularity and Tom Hiddleston‘s charisma, the story seems pretty interesting. Remember how Loki, God of Mischief, took off with the Tesseract? As we all surmised, this would have drastic consequences across the known galaxy. Apparently, the Time Variant […]

New “Black Widow” Trailer: Too Little Too Late, or Awesome?

We’re beginning to think that Marvel Studios’ “Black Widow” is never going to see the light of day. With so many delays and changes to the film’s release date, you can kinda understand why we think that. But, Marvel Studios decided today would be the perfect time to release a new trailer for the film. […]