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Bungie Issues Cease and Desist to Popular “Destiny 2” Cheat Website

Cheaters ruin everything. Whether it’s simple hacks like giving yourself a speed advantage to hacks that give you the perfect shot everytime. Each cheat destroys the fun and competitive nature of games by making sure a single person can never lose. It’s like bringing a Mustang to a bicycle race and pretending you are surprised […]

Over 700,000 ‘Apex Legends’ Cheaters Banned

Respawn is sending a clear message to fans of their popular title Apex Legends, cheaters never prosper. The free-to-play battle royale game set in the Titanfall canon saw 50 million players within its first month of launch. Since then, the inevitable flow of cheaters has been tightly monitored and banned by Respawn Entertainment. Respawn has […]