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Is Chris Evans Coming Back to MCU as Captain America?!

This is one of those rumors, despite the unlikiness, that we REALLY hope is true. Chris Evans, who brought the Marvel Comics character Captain America to live in the Marvel Studios films, may be returning to the role. We really want to emphasize the rumor aspect here, because despite the story coming from Deadline, the […]

Jack Kirby’s Son Comments on Capitol Insurrection and Captain America

The United States is still in a state of shock following the insurrection that transpired on January 6th, 2021 in Washington, DC at the nation’s Capitol Building. Rioters, who were in fact supporters of the now twice impeached outgoing President Donald Trump laid siege to the building the country’s lawmakers were gathered in. They were […]

Things We Need: Chris Evans and Paul Rudd Interviewing Each Other

It’s pretty safe to say that we as people need any kind of positive distractions right now. If they’re adorable and wholesome at the same time? Super bonus. That’s where Variety’s Actors on Actors series comes in to play, specifically this week’s episode featuring two “Avengers” team members, Paul Rudd and Chris Evans. Ant-Man and […]