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“Aquaman 2” Release Date Announced

Aquaman is currently the highest grossing DC movie, one of the few films to pass 1 billion in box office, and is also currently the 20th highest grosser of all time. So it’s no surprise there is going to be a sequel. Now the release date for Aquaman 2 has been announced: December 16, 2022. […]

‘Aquaman’ Horror Spin Off ‘The Trench’ Now in the Works

By B.A. Walsh Who knows what evil lurks in the depth of the ocean – The Trench may be coming for you! Aquaman has made over a billion dollars in the worldwide box office. While one suspects that this prodigious amount of money would ensure a sequel, no serious plans have been mentioned as yet. […]

It’s Time To Say Goodbye To The “Brotagonist”

I’ll put it to you straight up, I understand and respect’s place in the world, but I feel audience’s are too influenced by brands. Let’s face it, phrases like “Certified Fresh” and “Tomatometer” are as synonymous with modern cinema as selling beer in the theater. RottenTomatoes is a brand. I like to be the […]

Aquaman Was Not Black Panther Underwater

For being a guy who won’t shut up about the DCEU, it sure as hell took me a long time to see Aquaman. Unfortunately the film’s release coincided with my vacation and I didn’t get to the theater until last Sunday. Never doing that again. There’s nothing worse than when there’s a movie you want […]

‘Aquaman’ a Swimming Success Among Audiences

‘Aquaman’ has received an A- CinemaScore rating, according to CinemaScore ranks audience satisfaction, rather than those of the stuffy hipster movie ‘critics’ that make up the Rotten Tomatoes scores. Even so, the Rotten Tomatoes audience score is currently sitting at 86%, compared to 63% among critics. If something smells a little fishy to you […]

Nerdbot Movie Review: Aquaman

MY MAN! Amazon and Warner Brothers/DC Comics had a cool promo. If you were an Amazon Prime member, you had the chance to see Aquaman early! Wow! Now, I had seen all the DC movies in the DCEU in theaters: Man of Steel (ugh), Batman vs. Superman (kill me), Suicide Squad (why?!), Justice League (meh), […]