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Anime Weekly Exclusive Interview: Mark Mowbray of KLab Games

  If you’ve ever been waiting in a line at an Anime Convention, sat at a bus stop, or have downloaded one of their games as your own you’ve probably already seen one of KLabGames’s amazing games in person. For those who haven’t, KLabGames is a gaming software company that brings us titles like Love Live! […]

My Favorite Yonkoma (Or Four Panel Manga)

If you’re an avid manga reader, chances are you’ve seen a specific story telling style where each installment of the series conveys it’s situations from start to finish using only four panels of the same size. This manga style is called Yonkoma. It’s primarily used for gag manga, where the story is told through short […]

My Hero Academia to Air on Toonami

Good News, cable television fans! Your years of saying “kids these days will never know what it’s like to learn to love anime on Toonami”, Cartoon Network viewers have one more series to love!      Toonami, if you don’t know, is a block of Anime programming that runs on cartoon network.  It was made by […]

Aniplex of America Takes on Persona5 Anime

  We absolutely saw this coming (hahahaha)… there’s going to be a new PERSONA animated series! Not only that, but Aniplex of America has already launched a website for it in the USA! Aniplex of America just launched the official U.S. website and formally announced that they have acquired PERSONA5 the Animation as part of […]