Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Batman Will Defend Your Toilet Paper from The Joker with this Cool TP Dispenser

Keep your toilet paper out of the hands of the Joker with this Batman toilet paper protector!

People Are Putting Up Christmas Lights to Bring Cheer During Coronavirus Quarantines

Bring out the cheer and decorate brightly while we're all stuck inside. Just decorate the house however makes you happiest.

Morbius’ Jared Leto Went On A Retreat And Came Back To A Different World

Jared Leto had no idea there was a devastating virus going around.

Seven Winning Tips to Make Your Resume Stand out If You Are a Geek

For geeks, writing a resume that stands out is essential as it covers for their social shortcomings.

Facebook is Marking Legitimate Links and News as Spam Due to a Bug

Facebook has been having issues with posts being flagged as against community standards for sharing legitimate news articles about coronavirus as well as other links.

Grandparents Built A Giant Totoro For Their Grandkids

These grandparents built their grandkids a giant Totoro sculpture to wait with them at the bus!

Police Are Asking People Not to Call 911 When They Run Out of Toilet Paper

Police are asking people not to call 911 when they run out of toilet paper. Text your neighbor, just don't call the cops. They don't have any

Frozen’s Josh Gad is Reading Books to Kids Online Every Night During Coronavirus Quarantines

Josh Gad is helping kids and adults by reading them stories every day via twitter.

Disney Cancels Their ‘Black Widow’ May 1st Release

Black Widow has had its premiere cancelled. It's been postponed for an undetermined amount of time.

Man Celebrates 67 Years With Wife Outside Her Nursing Home Due to COVID-19 Quarantines

A man who was split from his wife due to a COVID-19 quarantine on her nursing home still found a sweet way to say he loved her on their anniversary

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You Can Buy Noodle Cup Bed for Your Pet and it’s Totally Wholesome

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“The Batman” TV Series Headed to HBO Max

In a surprise move, HBO Max has given a series commitment to a tv series based on Matt Reeves' upcoming film, "The...

“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” Cancelled, Ending This Year

Netflix just announced the cancellation of one of our favorite shows!