Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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What We Saw From the Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase

Today Nintendo's first-ever Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase began at 7 AM PT/ 10 AM ET. This first installment of the Partner...

The “Spyro Reignited Trilogy” is Half off on the Nintendo eShop

Spyro games are half off on the Nintendo eShop right now! Relive some of your favorite childhood memories in a fully remastered form!

2020 on Track to be Best Year for Game Sales in a Decade

Thanks in part to the pandemic and highly-anticipated game releases, 2020 is on track to be the best year in video game sales in a decade.

mRPG Chat: How to Campaign in the Current World

Are you a fan of tabletop RPG campaigns? With the new Covid-19 restrictions around the world, more and...

League of Legends and Elo Hell

Have you ever been stuck in Elo Hell?

Casino Games That Earn You the Most Money

For a lot of people, visiting an online casino is nothing more than a fun time. But some people take the activity a lot more seriously. They treat it as a way to earn as much cash as possible.

Next “Marvel’s Avengers” War Table Stream Coming Soon

Marvel fans, assemble! The next "Marvel's Avengers" War Table stream is coming soon and it promises a ton of content!

Another Johnny Silverhand and New Cyberpunk 2077 Figure Coming from McFarlane Toys

As one of the most anticipated upcoming games of the year, expectations for the Cyberpunk 2077 toy line are high, and McFarlane Toys doesn't appear to disappoint.

Tips and Tricks for a Safe Online Gambling Experience

Gambling has always been an integral part of the Indian culture, even in our epics and folklore like Mahabharata, various stories revolve around wagering. It is exciting, fun, adventurous, and if done right tremendously rewarding.

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Spirit Halloween Has a Whole “Beetlejuice” Collection for 2020

Spirit has a whole bunch of "Beetlejuice" decorations this year!

HBO Max Gains Ridley Scott’s “Raised By Wolves” [Trailer]

We are so pleased to report that at long last, we've got a trailer for Ridley Scott's upcoming series "Raised By Wolves."...

Home Depot has a 10.5 Foot Inflatable Oogie Boogie!

Home Depot is selling a giant inflatable Oogie Boogie for Halloween/Christmas!