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How Tech Can Improve Sports Betting Platforms

Sports betting platforms rely on the very best technologies to keep their services safe, efficient and high performing. Without these technological guarantees, the sports betting platform can quickly lose customers and damage its brand.

Even the most prominent gaming groups in the world are looking for new trailblazing technology to ensure customers have the best online gambling experiences. Entain, previously known as GVC Holdings, owns some of the most successful online sportsbooks, which are renowned for their security and high-quality betting services. The perfect example is Bwin, a sportsbook that was founded in Vienna in 1997 and remains one of the most trusted today.

Entain isn’t just sitting on its laurels with its current technologies. They’re always looking for new ways that technology can improve their offerings. And they’re now doing that with Syntropy.

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What is Syntropy?

Syntropy is a Web3 connectivity company. Web3 is a novel term used to describe a new type of internet that is created with decentralised technologies, such as blockchains. Thus, Syntropy works to create connectivity in the “new internet” while providing speed, security, and connectivity solutions. The end result of Syntropy’s services and technologies can be an enhanced internet experience for all users.

Entain teaming up with Syntropy

Entain has announced that it is partnering with Syntropy to make the most of its technologies and to improve online betting services. Specifically, Entain will be adopting Syntropy’s Global Relay Network and its Decentralised Autonomous Routing Protocol (DARP). The Relay Network is a programmable network operating above the public network. Entain will use this to connect its data centres located across continents. And the end result will be reduced latency and improvements to the reliability of Entain’s services.

Entain isn’t making this decision blind. They’ve completed prior testing that shows using Syntropy’s technology will provide considerable benefits. Their prior methods showed that some connections were unstable or low performing. But with the DARP technology, these problems were immediately identified and switched to a more adequate path automatically.

Other ways tech can improve betting platforms

There are many other ways technologies can improve sportsbooks and casinos without having to implement decentralised “new internets”. Some of the most exciting ways that online betting platforms can be improved are:

1. Virtual reality – this could create a new dimension to the way we place bets online, quite literally.

2. Cybersecurity – developments in cybersecurity will keep our personal and financial data secure.

3. eWallets – providing more ways to deposit and withdraw money safely

4. Leading streaming technologies – these have allowed us to enjoy live dealer games, the closest online casino game to an actual casino visit

5. 5G – this is ensuring live betting goes undisrupted and making mobile gaming more reliable than ever

6. Sports data – developments in sports analysis can help us when placing sports bets, and some of these tools are built into platforms.

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