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DesignCap – My Favorite Graphic Maker to Create Infographics, Presentations, and Social Media Arts Online

DesignCap, developed by PearlMountain, has a collection of templates for you to create different graphics via a web browser. The promise is that you will get results quickly – and that is true.

What does DesignCap offer?

In the area of print supplies, you will find a variety of templates for advertising purposes (flyers, posters, etc.), business cards, and business documentation, but there are also templates for more personal celebrations such as invitations or thank you cards for birthdays, weddings or anniversaries. Of course, information sheets can also be designed for company events.

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In the area of web design, you will find templates for online advertising and social media graphics.


DesignCap comes in Free, Basic, and Plus versions. With the free version, you have many templates available, but you can upload a maximum of five of your own images, save only five designs and only export your works in JPG format, which of course, makes no sense for professional print projects.

Basic and Plus offer significantly more templates, and more designs can be saved and images uploaded. In the Plus version, you can even upload and use your own fonts. Above all, the two purchase versions offer high-resolution export in PNG and PDF file formats.

Basic costs just $4.99/month with yearly payment while Plus is $5.99/month. You can also choose the more expensive monthly payment method if you only want to design something once and don’t want to work with the program all the time because termination is possible from month to month if I understand it correctly.

The usability and capabilities of DesignCap


For me, it is always essential that a program is so intuitive to use that you can get to grips without having to read lengthy instructions first. And anyone who has worked with graphics software before will easily find their way around DesignCap, but it should also be relatively easy to use for newcomers.


In my test, I will limit myself to print media. In addition to the templates mentioned above, menus and drinks menus for restaurants, pizzerias, cocktail bars, and other pubs are also used. I want to find out how easy it is to use DesignCap and test it by designing a menu for an imaginary soup shop.

My design projects

In order to be able to test the software extensively, I will rebuild the template. I’m concerned with the question of how well one’s own design ideas can be implemented. And it turns out that you are by no means tied to the ready-made templates because you can redesign them according to your own wishes if you wish.

Add photos

If you want to use your own photos or incorporate the company logo, it is possible to upload images – up to five in the free version, up to a hundred in Basic, and up to a thousand in Plus.

Incidentally, I could also have chosen from the pool of photos that can be used without additional fees.

Graphic elements

If you are logged in and are in design mode, a bar on the left-hand side of the browser window takes you to various design areas. Not only do you get to the templates mentioned above, but you will also find various graphic elements. You can display your uploads and choose between different background themes.

You can upload pictures to make and separate these pictures with white bars. You can also change the default thin black line to a thick white bar because the pre-made elements are easy to edit.

Change texts

Of course, you can change the texts to be aligned one below the other. Text fields can be selected together, but changing the font, for example, in one go is not possible. The corresponding formatting functions in the editing bar are then simply hidden and are not available. So you have to edit each text field individually – very annoying! Only the font color can be changed together.

On the other hand, the grouping function is good because it allows you to combine texts and move them to where you want in the document. Well, elements can be aligned with each other using auxiliary lines.

Multiple pages

It is perfectly possible to create several pages since a menu consisting of only one page would be relatively poor. It is also acceptable to keep it to a single page.

My fonts

Many fonts are included, and as far as I can tell, they should all be used for commercial projects royalty-free. If you have booked the Plus plan, you can also upload additional fonts and use them for the design. Of course, you should observe the respective license conditions of the font providers.


With DesignCap, results are indeed achieved quickly, as promised. It’s easy to use and offers lots of pretty templates and various design elements. You can choose the templates as they are and only have to adapt the texts to your own needs. The templates can also be redesigned with your own image material with just a bit of effort so that they are more individual – this way, you can adapt the design to the company’s appearance.

DesignCap is available as Software-as-a-Service and can be operated via the web browser. If you love to try it out, you can use the free version first. If you like it and have higher requirements, you can upgrade to the paid version at any time. You can then book for individual months or for a whole year.

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