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Bob Chapek Vows Meeting with DeSantis, Pledges to do Better

After Disney CEO Bob Chapek‘s company-wide email regarding Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, it was first on everyone’s mind during today’s shareholder Q&A. Chapek kicked off the portion with a lengthy statement, assuring that a meeting with Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is happening.

He also pledged that Disney as a whole will be signing the Human Rights agreement, as well as a $5 million pledge to the organization.

The very first question that was asked of Chapek was a letter from a Disney castmember. It is a wonderfully written statement and plea, and I’m hoping it gets released to the public. In it, a young woman speaks about her joy at joining the staff at Walt Disney World, and her absolute heartbreak at how Disney as a whole has side swept their promised inclusion of LGBTQ+ persons. “Do better,” it ends.

Another question focused on Disney’s political monetary support of lawmakers in Florida, Georgia, and Texas who continue to pass abhorrent legislature to block abortion, voter suppression, and various harmful and dangerous prosecution of trans youth and their families.

Chapek tried to pivot, “We support several lawmakers, and have no idea how they’re going to vote. We give to both sides of the isle in all states. Therefor anybody could take any issue, and say ‘Disney supports this group.'”

Here’s hoping Chapek really does listen to the public and the shareholders, and ceases supporting harmful lawmakers.

You can listen to today’s meeting here.

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