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Gifts For Someone Absolutely Obsessed with Ramen

Do you like ramen? Maybe you know someone who has the noodly spoopy meal as their favorite thing to eat. If so, check out this list of things for the enthusiast in your life. Go forth and enjoy ramen!

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2 Let’s Make Ramen comic book cook book!

Let’s Make Ramen comic book cook book!

Absolutely worth getting, “Let’s Make Ramen!” is a cook book presented in a comic book style. Detailed steps in how to build the perfect bowl for your taste, as well as history of the dish are included. Pick it up on Amazon here.

3 Ramen Obsession

Ramen Obsession

Now THIS is sort of the ultimate ‘ramen bible’ for enthusiasts. 130 recipes are included, as well as beautiful photos of completed dishes. Also, lots on the history and various regional differences! Get it on Amazon here.

4 Eat ramen by moon light with a Sailor Moon bowl set!

Eat ramen by moon light with a Sailor Moon bowl set!

Beautiful ceramic bowl has Usagi’s signature cresent moon design done in gold. It also comes with chopsticks! Pick it up here.

5 My Hero Academia Bowl Set!

My Hero Academia Bowl Set!

Ah yes, young Midoriya aka Deku can have a snack with you any time! This bowl comes with a themed spoon as well. Pick it up here.

6 Instant Noodles ramen bowl!

Instant Noodles ramen bowl!

You’ve got to admit, it’s kind of adorable to have your ramen in a ceramic bowl that looks JUST LIKE instant noodles! It even comes with a lid to mimic the paper cover. Pick it up here.

7 Pikachu ramen bowl

Pikachu ramen bowl

Who wouldn’t want to have ramen with Pikachu? This bowl comes with themed chopsticks, and is BPA free. Get yours here.

8 Traditional ramen bowl set

Traditional ramen bowl set

This set comes with three traditional wide bowls with chopsticks and spoons. Perfect for date night. Pick it up here.

9 Traditional white ramen bowl set

Traditional white ramen bowl set

Also on the larger size, this set of bowls comes in three color options. They also include wooden spoons, chopsticks, and a rest. Get yours here.

10 Stainless Steel Reusable Chopsticks (5 pairs!)

Stainless Steel Reusable Chopsticks (5 pairs!)

We’re all trying to be more mindful of waste, and reusable chopsticks are the perfect option. These stainless steel ones have a great design, and I can attest they last. Pick up the set of 5 pairs here.

11 Fiberglass chopsticks (10 pairs)

Fiberglass chopsticks (10 pairs)

More in the same vein of reusable chopsticks. This set of fiberglass options are lightweight, and stylish. Get the set of 10 pairs here.

12 Lightsaber inspired chopsticks (4 pairs)

Lightsaber inspired chopsticks (4 pairs)

Okay, the most NON TRADITIONAL item on here. Lightsaber chopsticks are everywhere, and we have to admit, they DO look kinda cool. Get a set of 4 pairs here.

13 This Dash egg cooker.

This Dash egg cooker.

Ok, sure, maybe something like this is the peak of laziness to some of you. BUT- this is absolutely a game changer in my house. Jammy eggs, hardboiled eggs, the perfect ramen eggs, all at the tip of your finger. Pick up yours here.

14 Blue ramen spoons

Blue ramen spoons

Sometimes you’ll want to get fancy with your ramen presentation, so why not up the color? These beautiful blue spoons will compliment any kind of dish. Get a set here.

15 Green ramen spoons!

Green ramen spoons!

You’ve got blue, make sure you’ve got green, too! Order them here.

16 Umami Flavor powder

Secret ingredient of many a cook, get some of this umami powder, and try it out.

17 Tonkotsu Ramen Concentration Pork Bone Soup

Maybe you don’t have the time to make your own tonkotsu ramen base, so use this concentrate!

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