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The Digitalization Of Casinos. Or What Would You Choose In 2022?

Online gaming expands. The boundaries that were separating gambling from sports media just a few years ago are disappearing. Digital apps like make online casinos available on a good number of mobile devices. It gives it a solid base globally and threatens the business of live casinos. And this is only the beginning! The digitalization of casinos grows explosively. Can it change the gambling industry dramatically? Let’s wait and see.

What else could surprise players in 2022?

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During the last two pandemic years, the online gambling industry has withstood this storm effectively. Most experts have anticipated a recession in this market due to an overall uncertainty. But their expectations haven’t been met. The industry’s growth rate has increased in leaps and bounds. All casino sites have added a fair number of new players. Even if life returns to a pre-COVID level, newcomers will continue to discover new opportunities at Thus, online casinos & betting sites are becoming more popular. The majority of gamers prefer to play & bet through their smartphones and tablets, rather than at bookmaker offices and brick-and-mortar casinos.

Will people come back to play offline?

Will 2022 be the record year for land-based casinos? Perhaps, not. The fantastic revenues that online casinos recorded for the past 10 months will normalize at some point during 2022 and bounce back to a pre-pandemic level. The problem is that tourism still lags behind pre-COVID levels. Land-based casinos need tourists to survive. In 2021, there were almost 25% fewer people visiting them. Although there is still hope that business gets ‘back to normal’, for now people prefer to play at 2022年新規カジノ推奨・ランキングのトータルガイド.

Online casinos are an alternative to loneliness

It’s a myth to consider that those who gamble are lonely. Indeed, some people use gambling at an online or land-based casino as a way of escaping from some negative aspects of their lives, such as loneliness. But gambling itself is rather a lonely activity. Think about it! Even for gambling at a live casino, people usually come solo.


Playing casino games both online and offline is a nice way to relax and swipe away the stresses of everyday life. While some people like to go for a walk or have a glass of wine to unwind, gamblers prefer to hit their favorite Card Tables online. Just find your own way of relaxation and enjoy it!

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