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How Integrated Resorts Are Set to Establish Legal Casino Industry in Japan

The legalization of gambling in Japan has been a major point of public discourse for decades. While gambling remains illegal in most forms, those forms that are legal are incredibly popular in Japan. There have been many different viewpoints on the issue. A lot of the discussion hasn’t been about whether to legalize casinos but rather the procedure to do so.

There has also been a major social stigma around gambling in Japan. Many fear that gambling addiction will increase with the opening of legalized casinos. Many countries in the region, like Singapore and Malta, already enjoy legalized gambling. The Japanese, however, have been wary.

After much debate, legalized casinos are now coming to Japan. Regulators enacted Integrated Resort Implementation Law in July of 2018. The law will gradually allow for the implementation of legal casinos in Japan. It includes many stipulations for ensuring the well-being of patrons. The agreement includes plans for the development of three integrated resorts.

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What Are Integrated Resorts?

Integrated resorts will include many amenities along with their casinos, including:

  • Hotels
  • Shopping centers
  • Fine restaurants
  • Museums
  • Live entertainment

This format seeks to make casinos more than just a place to gamble. This will make them more in line with Japan’s social standards. Adjusting public perception has been one of the largest challenges to legalizing casinos.

Hopefully, this will allow the general public to overcome their preconceived notions. They’ll now be able to see the new casinos as a fun activity rather than gambling dens. The integrated resorts will be more like entertainment centers for everyone.

Where Did the Idea of Integrated Reports Come From?

The inspiration for the idea comes from Singapore. The Marina Bay Sands there is one example of a highly successful integrated report. The mega-complex opened in 2010, with a value of $6.88 billion. Many of the design decisions made by Japan come from the example set by Singapore. Plans are set for integrated resort openings in 2025.

What Do Visitors Do at Integrate Resorts?

These integrated resorts will be complete vacation and holiday destinations. Guests will stay in the hotels and have access to many fine dining options. The resorts feature everything you would expect and more. There will be live shows, socializing, and so much more.

The integrated resorts are open and inviting to all kinds of visitors. With everything in one safe and secure complex, patrons can feel much more at ease. They don’t have to worry about navigating an unfamiliar city or anything like that. The entire idea makes vacationing as simple as can be.

How Do Integrated Resorts Differ From Regular Resorts?

In general, integrated resorts have much more to offer. Most luxury resorts offer accommodations and food, but not much more. The integrated resorts will have many more options for activities. From museums to live entertainment, they have something for everyone. They will also, of course, have casinos as well.

How Are Casinos in Japanese Integrated Resorts Going to Work?

Casinos generate billions in revenue in many countries across the globe. Many expect the integrated resorts and their casinos to do great things for the economy. Gambling laws are complex in Japan and difficult to navigate. However, they have created clear frameworks for regulation and safe operations of these casinos. The exact operational regulations are still being determined by a number of local and national lawmakers.

The Integrated Resort Implementation Law

Japanese regulators passed this law in July of 2018. This established the basis for legal casinos in Japan. The law established the foundation for casinos at three integrated resorts. The law includes rules that limit Japanese customers to visiting the casino three times per week.

There is also an entrance fee of 6,000 yen for Japanese citizens. International visitors don’t have to pay this fee but can still only visit the casino three times per week. These measures mean to proactively stop people from developing gambling addictions. It is clear that while protective in nature, the rule is flexible enough to encourage tourism. It also serves as a reminder to the developers and stakeholders that the casino is only one piece of the experience.

Where Are the New Integrated Resort Locations?

At first, there were four regions trying to get a resort, but Yokohama has since retracted their offer. Osaka will receive the first integrated resort in collaboration with MGM Resorts International. Next will be Wakayama, working with Clairvest Group from Canada. Nagasaki will be working with Casinos Austria for their integrated resort. While all of these resorts list 2025 as their opening date, the Osaka location is likely to be the first to open. It is also unclear if even Osaka will meet the ambitious 2025 opening date. The coronavirus pandemic has caused significant delays in development.


Integrate resorts will be a major game-changer in the Japanese tourism industry. They expect to pull in visitors from China, Korea, and further abroad. This means more visitors will be bringing more money to their shores. Many expect that Japan will profit greatly from these integrated resorts.

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