New Baked Ham Candy Canes Available This Christmas!

Every Christmas I’ve worked at Nerdbot, I’ve found new and odd treats to feature for the holidays. This Christmas marks my fourth, and I’ve found something disgusting and intriguing in equal measure. I will try anything once, and I may have to pick these up. Even if they just end up a prank for future guests.

Meet the Hamdy ham flavored candy cane from Perpetual Kid.

Perpetual Kid

Right now you can get a set of these in some themed ham packaging for $6.99. Perpetual Kid wanted to get to “straight to the meat” of the holiday and that for them is a delicious baked ham. You will get a set of 6 baked Christmas ham flavored full-sized candy canes. Unfortunately they are not sweet glazed ham but instead a saltier meatier treat.

Each cane measures 5.35 inches tall and they say that it is very tempting to use as a prank. But be warned, it will probably cost you an invite to next years celebration. You can pick some up here.

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