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Bah, Humbug! Candy Cane is Perfect for a Scrooge

We’ll we’ve found a gift that’s worse than coal. At least you can theoretically burn coal and keep warm. This gift is one that is definitely for the curmudgeon in your life. You know the negative Nancy, the naysayer? Someone with absolutely no Christmas Spirit? Well, now you can give them a Bah, Humbug! candy cane, and tell them where to stick it as well.

This 10-1/4″ (26 cm) Bah, Humbug! Candy Cane with no flavor and no stripes is the perfect way to show them they have no Christmas spirit.

Now we’re not saying this Bah, Humbug! candy cane is solely for someone you hate. Just something that can be used for the office mate obligatory gift. This can also be for someone who knows they’re a downer and embraces it. With a dark sense of humor that not many people get. But primarily we’re envisioning this gift for the person that you “HAD” to buy something for because it wouldn’t be nice if you didn’t. Someone that really grates on you. And luckily this gift should let them know just how you feel.

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Amazon/Disney Adaptation of “A Christmas Carol” in 2009

You can get these Bah, Humbug! candy canes on Amazon, and if you have prime you should get it in plenty of time for Christmas. Even if you’re not gathering with everyone this year it would still be a fun gift to have sent to someone. Almost as fun as sending people random potatoes.

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