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Where Do Deleted SD Card Files Go?

With the increase in the number of people and businesses using computers to manage daily activities, there is an equal growth in computer-based problems. Some of these include accidental deletion of data from SD cards. But where does the SD card data go after deletion? Read on to find out.

Generally, SD cards are designed to be used in computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and many other devices. They either work as storage expanders or media for transferring data between devices.

However, like other devices such as the hard drive, SD cards also face data loss challenges. Some of these challenges include disk corruption, accidental loss, and deletion of data. 

When you lose data from an SD card, you may be asking where the data goes. You cannot lose data from an SD card that is not linked to a computer or another device. Therefore, much data loss either occurs due to disk corruption, data corruption, viruses, malware, accidental deletion, or other SD card problems will only occur when the SD card is connected to a device such as a PC a few seconds after this connection is disrupted. 

As most computer users say, it is much easier to have data accidentally deleted from the SD, and the causes are many. Like we already mentioned, there are so many reasons. Others include but are not limited to accidental power failure, hardware problems, and simple human errors. Similarly, there are many ways to recover deleted files from SD card. We will explore one of the best ways available at the end of this article. 

Fortunately, you can quickly reduce the risk of accidental data loss from computers and connected devices. Although you may not eliminate the possibility of losing data, you can reduce the risk of permanently losing data. But first, where does data go after it is deleted from the SD card?

Recycle Bin

If you delete data from your SD card while connected to the computer or laptop, do not get worried. All the Windows systems come with Recycle bins where all the data deleted from the computer system is sent for temporary storage, just in case you change your mind and want to reuse them. 

Whether you are deleting files from an SD card or your PC’s hard drive, all the files will end up at the Recycle Bin. To recover deleted files, go to the Recycle Bin, select the files you intend to recover and click “Restore Selected Files.” You can also restore all the files in the Recycle Bin by tapping on the “Restore All” icon at the top of the tab. 

Trash Cans 

Trash cans are similar to Recycle Bins. These are majorly used in Mac machines or smartphones. They are also available as third-party apps that can be downloaded and installed from the Apps store. If you delete files from your SD card when the device is linked to your phone or Mac, the system will send the deleted files to the trash. 

How Do I Recover Deleted Files? 

We have already described how to make free SD card recovery from the recycle bin. However, if you accidentally deleted your files from the recycle bin but still want to get them back, we recommend using third-party data recovery software. 

Disk Drill by CleverFiles is one of the top apps you can use to get back your files. For more information on the ranking of the best SD card data recovery software, follow the link. Let’s show you how to use Disk Drill to recover SD card data.  

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To recover deleted files with Disk Drill SD Recovery, follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Download and install the software

Download and Install the SD card recovery software on your computer’s primary disk.  

Step 2: Connect the card to your PC, Mac or Tablet

Now connect the SD card to the computer. You can use a card reader or still connect the laptop directly to the device where the card is located. 

Step 3: Launch Disk Drill and choose the SD card.

Launch Disk Drill and select the SD card from the list. 

Step 4: Scan The SD Card

Tap the “Recover” button to start the scanning process. 

Step 5: Preview The Files

Preview the files discovered by Disk Drill. Check the list carefully and find out if the files you lost are in the list. 

Step 6: Choose the files for recovery

Select the files you intend to recover and choose a designated storage location to save them. 

Step 7: Recover the deleted Mac data from the SD card

Now click “Recover” a second time and allow the software to recover the files and send them to a new location. 

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