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Getting Started With The Newest Casino Slots From BGaming

Have you ever heard of slot therapy? If you have not, find a comfy seat, relax, and let BGaming treat you to your first slot therapy experience. Many players expect to be treated to a memorable slot therapy experience while enjoying the newest BGaming slots, and fortunately, the software developer never disappoints. 

The latest BGaming slots will let your emotions spill thanks to their entertaining and rewarding nature. If you don’t believe us, why not sample their top brand new slots? With captivating storylines that promise to make you cry a few times, immersive graphics, and lots of lucrative prizes, you just got to try these slots.

The best BGaming Slots Reviewed

If you find yourself lost in the boring day-to-day stuff, BGaming has you covered.  Its new online slots will sprinkle action-packed fun and tailored gaming experiences to help lift your spirits. Moreover, these titles are creatively and elegantly designed to allow you to enjoy an experience that matches or sometimes exceeds what you will find on the Big Bad Wolf slot machine. For that reason, we have selected the newest and most entertaining BGaming slots that you can enjoy today. So, let’s explore these offerings. 

Desert Treasure

With a title that hints at what you will find, Desert Treasure is a must-play BGaming slot. The slot promises to let you walk away with wins of up to 400X your stake amount. 

On a scale of 1-10, Desert Treasure will rank at 11 among players who wish to escape their everyday routines. The title will break the monotony of everyday life by allowing you to get lost in the Great Sands of the Arabian desert. 

The brand new BGaming slot will bring you to a new world, let’s call it a parallel universe, where time stands still to let you have all the time you need to claim lucrative prizes as you have fun. For this reason, expect to get lost in your mobile device or computer once you load this slot. 

Whoever told you it is impossible to feel the desert winds touch your face from your smartphone lied. You will feel strong winds, the desert heat, and the calmness of sand as you enjoy Desert Treasure. Moreover, the slot boasts immersive graphics. Focusing on details is one of BGaming’s strongest suits. As a result, expect to find the title’s rich background music, soft colors, and seamless transitions relaxing and entertaining.

Desert Treasure’s Wild symbol is the Princess. Meanwhile, the Thief is the slot’s scatter symbol. The Princess symbol will replace all regular symbols on the payline. On the other hand, landing 3, 4, or 5 Thief symbols will allow you to claim 10, 25, and 50 free spins, respectively. 

Book Of Pyramids

Old-school vibes are becoming trendy in the fast-paced and ever-changing slots scene. If you are new to the slots scene, you might not know that BGaming is constantly exploring new ways to make their slots entertaining, immersive, and rewarding among veteran and newbie slot players. Consequently, the software provider satisfies slot enthusiasts’ nostalgia for retro sloth themes with its brand new Egypt-themed slot, Book Of Pyramids.

Yes, forget about fruit themes. Egypt-themed slots are among the oldest and most popular slot themes. If you think that we are wrong, ask brick-and-mortar slot enthusiasts about the most popular themes on slot machines. BGaming has spiced its brand new Egypt-themed slot. Mystery, great fortunes, and unforgettable adventures are, therefore, available on the offing.

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Believe it or not, ancient Egyptian rulers needed their riches in the afterlife, and this is why they were buried in pyramids with all their wealth. While most of these riches have already been dug out, some remain hidden in secret rooms in the great ancient pyramids. With Book Of Pyramids, you can discover the secret rooms full of treasure. 

There are also easily recognizable Egyptian symbols such as The Eye of Ra, Bastet, and Scarab to help you uncover the hidden treasures. Landing 3, 4, or 5 Scarab symbols will let you activate 11, 22, and 33 free spins, respectively. In contrast, the Bastet symbol will replace all regular symbols on the paylines. 

Despite BGaming’s Book Of Pyramid boasting immersive HD graphics and rich background music, you will also be treated to smooth gaming performance. 

Brave Viking

The Viking age is back thanks to BGaming. These days were long gone and only existed in legends, but this is no longer the case. Now, it is your turn to become a Scandinavian hero on BGamings latest slot, Brave Viking. Explore the Viking world while wielding your axe in the different battles that await you. 

BGaming’s new slot is mesmerizing as it is entertaining. Brave Viking lets you experience the Viking age up close and intimately. The rebec and davul, musical instruments used by the Viking, can be heard playing in the background as you battle enemies of the Vikings. In addition to boasting musical instruments that will capture your attention, BGaming’s Brave Viking will also let you explore the Nordic slotscape in its glory days. 

Of course. You will come across wild symbols that help you claim more bonuses and cash prizes. Don’t forget to be on the lookout for the Viking Warrior, Brave Viking’s Wild Symbol. Landing this symbol will let you double your wins on the payline. You can also claim free spins by collecting the scatter symbols. Brave Viking’s scatter symbols are the Blue Runes. And landing 5 Blue Runes symbols will let you claim up to 50 free spins. 

Players can also enjoy a bonus game on BGaming’s Brave Viking when they land the Ship symbol. Also, remember that your wins can be multiplied by 100 on the bonus game. 

Dig Dig Digger

How bad do you want to find treasure on the golden sands of the Egyptian desert? Legends and real-life stories prove that there is a lot of treasure hidden deep below the sands of the deserts in Egypt. For that reason, BGaming has created Dig Dig Digger to give brave players the chance to explore the unforgiving Egyptian deserts as they search for life-changing treasure chests or cash prizes. 

Dig Dig Digger is built on a 5 by 3 slot layout. The slot is immersive thanks to its HD graphics and impressive features, which allow players to claim fantastic prizes. For instance, you will find the famous “book” mechanic feature on the slot. With this feature, three Golden Shovels will drop on the reels to increase your chances of claiming great prizes during the bonus round. Now that you know this, BGaming’s Dig Dig Digger should be your preferred slot whenever you feel like claiming bigger prizes. 

Don’t be shocked to discover that the Scatter symbols act as the Wild symbol on this BGaming slot. That said, the Wild will substitute all symbols on the payline to increase your chances of winning lucrative prizes. Landing 3 scatter symbols will activate 10 Free Spins. Moreover, you can claim additional free spins during the bonus rounds. 


What do you think about the top BGaming slots? Many players find them interesting, immersive, and entertaining. Moreover, they are full of lucrative prizes. So expect to be on the edge of your seat as you treat yourself to some BGaming slot therapy. Also, if you enjoyed playing the offerings we have covered in this post, don’t forget to check back for another dose of impressive slots from the game provider.

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