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8 Ways Facial Recognition Technology Is Being Used

Did you know it can take less than two seconds for facial recognition software to identify someone? A camera pinpoints someone’s facial features to create a map of their face. Afterwards, the technology compares this data to images recorded in a database. 

Facial recognition is not exactly a new concept, but it has recently been perfected thanks to artificial intelligence and the latest technological advancements. While some are concerned about the possible uses of facial recognition, we can’t deny it can serve some important purposes, such as detecting weapons in public venues or helping the authorities find missing children.

Would you like to know more? Here are eight ways facial recognition technology is being used around the world today:

1. Detecting threats and suspicious activities

A facial recognition software video system combines digital cameras with artificial intelligence to detect weapons, fights, inappropriate behaviour, and suspicious individuals in public venues. Incidents are automatically detected, and security personnel can be alerted in real-time.

The software helps personnel respond to the threat and suggest an appropriate response depending on the situation. For example, the facial recognition software video systems can be used in schools to identify suspicious or dangerous individuals. The technology detects those who could pose a threat to the safety of students and teachers alike.

2. Helping forensic investigators

Facial recognition technology can help conduct forensic investigations. When investigators are presented with video footage captured by a surveillance camera, facial recognition can help them identify the suspect, as long as their image is part of a database.

If a crime scene is being investigated, the technology can be used to identify someone who is unconscious, severely injured, or dead. Law enforcement also uses facial recognition to help identify individuals who have been apprehended.

3. Reducing retail crime

Retail store owners can turn to facial recognition software to help them reduce retail crime. If known shoplifters or criminals are part of a database, they can get identified by the store’s video system.

Anyone who presents a threat, either to the store’s inventory or to other shoppers, can then be apprehended by security staff. This measure can effectively help reduce shoplifting and retail crime. Facial recognition would be especially useful in areas where retail stores struggle with organized retail criminals.

4. Finding missing persons

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It’s also possible to use facial recognition to find missing persons, including children who have been kidnapped, or victims of human trafficking. A photo of the missing person first needs to be uploaded to a law enforcement database. The facial recognition software tries identifying this person, matching visuals from retail stores, airports, or other public venues. 

If there are any matches, authorities will be alerted immediately. When people think of facial recognition, they mostly think of this technology being used to identify criminals, but it can actually help identify and save victims as well.

5. Finding lost pets

Facial recognition doesn’t only work on human faces. The technology can also be used to reunite lost pets with their owners. A photo of the lost dog or cat has to be uploaded to a database. Then, this photo will be compared to the pictures of pets currently in pet shelters. 

If there is a match, the owners will be alerted, so they can claim their missing friend. Facial recognition is not yet used that often to help locate missing pets, but we can bet that this technology will gain popularity in the near future.

6. Controlling access to sensitive areas

Facial recognition technology is also useful when it comes to controlling access to sensitive areas. Instead of carrying keys or access cards, authorized personnel can allow the system to scan their face before entering storage rooms, laboratories, or other sensitive areas. Keys or access cards can get lost or stolen, unlike our faces. Facial recognition is also more reliable than access codes when controlling access, since numbers can be forgotten.

7. Diagnosing certain diseases

Facial recognition technology can be used by healthcare professionals who want to access their patients’ medical records quickly. But facial recognition can also diagnose and monitor certain diseases that can affect a patient’s appearance.

This feature is not widely used yet, but it will diagnose more fatal diseases as technology evolves. Thanks to facial recognition technology, patients can be treated on time and have a greater chance of recovery.

8. Unlocking mobile phones

Finally, many people trust facial recognition technology when they unlock their phone. This ensures that even if their phone gets stolen. No one will access their data, since getting their face scanned will be the only way to unlock the phone’s screen.

As you can see, facial recognition technology can already be used in different situations. It will surely get involved in more scenarios in the future, as it evolves to become more reliable and accurate.

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