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Best Mobile App for Building Mind Palace

Several years ago, the whole world began to actively discuss the theory of Mind Palace. It says that all the data a person has is stored in mind for a long time. The problem is that people cannot quickly find the shelf on which this information is stored. However, this technology can be easily mastered, and the issue will be resolved.

What Is A Mind Palace?

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What is a mind palace? The human brain is still poorly understood. But there is a theory according to which we have unique storage of information in our head, where we put all the information that we receive throughout the day.

Some of it is deposited in short-term memory, and we will forget it for some time, and the other – in the long-term, we will remember it for several years. However, when we suddenly hear information that we have sent to short-term memory, we realize that it seems familiar to us. This led to the idea of the mind palace.

How to create a mind palace? The theory says that all the information we receive is stored in a unique temple. Mind palace technique helps speed up instant recall. It is quite tricky to master it fully; nevertheless, even half an hour of training can simplify the state of your memory as much as possible.

MemoryOS, As The Best Mobile Application For Building Mind Palace

How to create a mind palace? Jonas von Essen – 2X World Memory Champion- developed his technique, and based on it, a unique mind palace app memoryOS was developed.

During its development, the following technologies were used:

  • 3D projections;
  • virtual implant;
  • various games;
  • interactive interface.

According to Jonas von Essen, the Mind Palace technique should be as simple as possible; learning should playfully take place. This is a guarantee that a person will continue training and not leave the creation of Mind Palace halfway to success.

This application not only helps to improve the ability to remember new information but also helps to retrieve needed memories. It can be used if a person has lost memory as a result of an accident, as well as for training with people with various diseases of the nervous system.

Also, it is recommended for use by the elderly in order not to lose the ability to memorize information. This will help keep your mind clear for as long as possible.

As for the duration of the training, it is advisable to carry out them every day (without weekends and holidays), for 20 – 30 minutes. The best result can be achieved if you practice memorization constantly.

To improve your results, you can do these simple exercises:

  • memorize the license plates of cars that pass you;
  • learn by heart the phone numbers of your loved ones;
  • try with your eyes closed to reproduce in your mind the places that you visited during the day.

It is worth remembering that training for creating a memory palace should be regular because as soon as you miss one day, you immediately step back a few steps. If you stop training at all, your consciousness will quickly return to the state with which you started.

Training with the mind palace app takes only a few minutes a day. Still, after a week, you will notice that they give an outstanding result: you will become faster at processing information, become less confused, and more self-confident.


What is a mind palace? This is where all information is stored. Oftentimes, a person cannot put things in order on their shelves, which leads to the fact that a lot of data is lost. If you structure all the data, then getting instant recall becomes much more accessible. This theory sounds simple enough, but how can it be put into practice?

MemoryOS is a unique application developed according to the methodology of Jonas von Essen. With it, you can train in game mode, have fun and improve your memory.

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