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“Edward Scissorhands” House is a Free Museum in Florida!

Just last year we wrote about the iconic “Edward Scissorhands” house going up for sale. Many people tried to buy it. Thankfully for fans of the film, the lucky homeowners Joey and Sharon Licalzi have turned it into a FREE museum called “Scissorlands!”

The couple bought the home for $230,000 after they had to compete with about 200 other applicants. When the press started writing about the house went up for sale (guilty) a flood of applicants rolled in. Who wouldn’t want to own a piece of cinema history after all?

The Licalzis were first up however, because they were trying to buy a house across the street when the property went up for sale. The reason they were trying to buy the other house was seemingly for a view of the Scissorhands location. Joey Licalzi happened to be a dishwasher on set of the film, and has created quite a collection of things now included in the tour. The couple are also HUGE fans of Tim Burton, and are excited to be sharing their love of the film with others.

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“After TMZ wrote about it, we went up against probably 200 bids on the house,” says Licalzi, who also owns a drum manufacturing company. “When you battle the whole planet for the house, you can’t Airbnb it like everybody thinks you can, so we turned it into a free museum. Now everybody has access to come on the property.”

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How can you see the house?

According to the Licalzis, some people call ahead but others just knock on the door. My thought is that these are very nice people to allow strangers into their home at all hours without an appointment and give them a tour. It would be exhausting for me and it’s a sign that the right people ended up owning the property. They do all kinds of fun things with it and in Winter you can even watch the movie on the property. FOR FREE! Of course space is limited.

Some of the original props from the movie have made their way into the museum. Kim Bogg’s (Winona Rider) purse, original wallpaper, and the scissors Edward used to trim the dinosaur hedge are all included.

Currently, there are six exhibits, but there are plans to expand. Licalzi intends to eventually turn his garage into the top floor of the castle featured in the film.

The home is located at 1774 Tinsmith Circle, Lutz, FL 33559. You’re free to take pictures if you’re staying outside but if you would like a tour of the home, you can make an official request on TikTok or Instagram.

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