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Dragon Con: Anthony Rapp REALLY Wants to Direct “Star Trek: Discovery”

This weekend, Dragon Con is taking place in Atlanta, GA. Even if you couldn’t make it to the annual Labor Day event, the organization offered a virtual option for fans this year. During Sunday’s “Star Trek: Discovery” panel, the gathered series stars fielded a question about whether or not they’d ever want to direct an episode of the Paramount+ show.

Anthony Rapp, who plays Commander Paul Stamets on “DISCO,” responded that he absolutely wants to. He revealed a bit of his own film school past, and also said he’d been shadowing various directors on the series. One of which being “Star Trek” royalty Jonathan Frakes, who Rapp referred to as his “mentor.”

Mary Wiseman, who plays Ensign Sylvia Tilly, sorta kinda alluded to Rapp having more to say on the subject, possibly meaning he HAS directed for the show. Rapp wouldn’t confirm nor deny the possibility.

So, hopefully we’ll see the “Rent” star’s name as director for a future episode of “Star Trek: Discovery.” Season 4 will reportedly premiere on Paramount+ sometime in 2021. We’ll keep you updated.

You can catch this and other panels via Dragon Con’s official virtual offering for only $10, which will give you access to the entire catalog of available videos for one full year.

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