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Link Shoes: Topless Sandals That Hug the Sides of Your Feet

So you’ve probably heard of toe shoes that people started wearing afew years ago. But have you heard of Link shoes? Apparently, you just set your foot in and go. These hug your foot, and you don’t have to worry about getting your feet hurt or dirty on the concrete. It’s a weird product that once I saw, I just had to write about. Because I’m not sure how many others really know it exists!

The concept is simple enough. Probably made for people like me who only like to wear sandals if anything at all. But the functionality is a bit bewildering. I’ve watched a few YouTube reviews, and they all say that the shoe stays on well. There are even posts from the company of skaters skateboarding with them on. Which is pretty intensive for a shoe with no top.

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According to the company’s Facebook page, Link “offers the best of both worlds. The comfort, style and safety of a shoe with the freedom we love so much in the flip flops.”

The shoe’s design reminds me of an inflatable boat. Or a raft. And it’s probably not something you would want to wear to work in if you’re lifting or moving heavy objects. They don’t really offer a lot of protection for the accident prone if we’re talking about the top of the foot.

On the other hand, these would be fun to walk around in as a conversation starter. But also if it’s super sunny it means you now need to apply suntan lotion to the tops of your feet.

If you want to check these out more here’s a link to their website.

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