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New Skittles Shreikers Sour Candy Came in a Haunted House! [Review]

When you want to promote something new, you want to make a big impression. Skittles sent me a sample of their new Shriekers candy for review, and I thought they would just send a few bags. Other places tend to just hand out a bag or two of their new items. What I was not expecting was a giant box containing a haunted house!

The presentation of these candies was so cool. The house is made of real wood, and you have to open it from the side. When you do, it creaks like an old and scary haunted house. Inside were spiderwebs that unstretched and contained tiny spiders and a placard of the shriekers logo. On the back of the placard is grip tape so that you pulled out extra spiderweb for a very cool effect. Then six packs of the new candy sat atop a black box cutout. If I were just reviewing the packaging, I would give this an A+. But you also want to hear how the candy tasted don’t you?

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The Taste

If you like sour you’re going to LOVE this candy. Skittles Shriekers are named that because some are so sour they make you shriek. Skittles Shriekers include five frightening flavors in each pack, including Citrus Scream, Ghoulish Green Apple, Rattled Raspberry, Shocking Lime and Spine-Tingling Tangerine.

The trick is that not everyone is super sour. But when you do get one boy does your mouth water. It’s really really good. I also rate these as an A+ taste. They would probably also be really good mixed into your buttery popcorn if you’re having a scary movie marathon.


Where can you find them?

Skittles shriekers are available now in retailers nationwide and come in 1.8 oz single packs, 3.6 oz share size and 10 oz medium funsize laydown bags. I highly recommend them!

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