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Dragon Con 2021: Iconic Atlanta Fandom Staple Returns with Parade!

We are missing one of our favorite in-person fandom events this year, but thanks to technology, we can still experience some of it! Dragon Con, iconic Atlanta convention celebrating it’s 35th year, is happening right now. One of the unique things about this event- and no lie, there are MANY things- is the annual parade that happens Saturday morning. Imagine a major metropolitan city closing down some of their central downtown area to allow thousands of nerds and fans to gather and parade down the streets.

That’s the Dragon Con parade!

If you couldn’t make it to Atlanta this year, don’t worry! You’re not alone, and we will all return to the Mothership in 2022.

But until then, you can experience the parade on YouTube now! You can also purchase a virtual streaming pass (good for 1 year!) to access panels from 2021 and previous years.

Sure, it’s not as massive this year due to attendance restrictions (and also audience restrictions), but the heart is there.

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