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Complete “Saved By The Bell” Series Is Coming To Netflix

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t hum the theme to “Saved By The Bell.” It’s part of the way my brain is broken that I associate that song with waking up in the morning. But hey, It’s alright. Now I’ll be able to watch the complete series of “Saved By The Bell” on Netflix and pair it with an episode or two of “Zack Morris Is Trash” over on YouTube.

Netflix tweeted today that the show would be on their platform in its entirety. Starting September 15th you’ll be able to watch everything from their high school days at Bayside to their college years. Even the TV movies will be available, “Hawaiian Style” and “Wedding In Las Vegas.”

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On Paramount+ Saved By The Bell’s” sequel series is streaming so if you’re interested in that head on over there. If you’re curious, it’s something to fill the silence. I wouldn’t say it’s great but it’s not horrible either. It’s about what you would expect of a sequel series. What is fun is that Elizabeth Berkley is reprising her role as Jesse Spano and playing the principal. She gets quite a bit of screen time, more screen time than the other alumni. Most of which are included in the sequel somehow.

Of course it will be weird watching the series knowing that Dustin Diamond aka. Screech had such a weird life. He just passed away earlier this year after announcing he had stage four cancer. His publicist said they were working on a plan for his health and then he was gone.

So if you’re excited about “Saved By The Bell” now you’ll be able to watch all of it in one place, minus the sequel. Now pardon me while I set up my puzzle table and get ready to watch the show and do puzzles. I have to say.. 10 year old me is very happy about this.

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