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OnlyFans Tweets Support of Sex Workers After Planning to Ban Them?

This OnlyFans thing is getting out of hand real fast. In case you didn’t see the news this week, the social media platform OnlyFans is getting out of the explicit content business, which is what the majority of their user base does. The company has been shopping themselves around, and according to numerous sources, decided to start banning still-undefined levels of explicit content in order to raise their valuation.

Why? So they can do what Tumblr did- banning all content of a certain type in order to raise their value to sell the company at top-dollar while royally screwing every creator who helped make their platform the success it is today.

This morning, OnlyFans’ official Twitter account posted this very strange pro-sex work tweet, confusing everyone even more.

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In case they delete the tweet-

As you can see, the company is now claiming the move to clean house is to secure banking, in order to support those creators who are going to be banned? In what world does that make sense?

True, OnlyFans has yet to release their new standards or guidelines for what is approved vs not.

We’ll do our best to stay on top of this and other news stories.

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