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Car Crashes Into Wendy’s, Nearly Hitting Family Dining There

Imagine being out with your family eating at a Wendy’s when a car comes flying through the air. Well that happened to one family dinning at a New Jersey location. They were enjoying their meal when all of the sudden a car launches over a berm into the restaurant. You can see the video from Wendy’s security camera below.

The South Brunswick Township Police Department tweeted the footage on August 19th. In the first part of the video, you can see the drive-thru angled camera footage. The second angle was situated in the front of the store. In the second angle, you can see a family eating their meal when the car comes very close to them. Luckily no injuries happened.

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Just goes to show you that you can’t let your guard down anywhere. If I was in that family I’d be seriously considering never leaving the house again. This just feels a bit too much like “Final Destination.” And I don’t ever want to go to a restaurant with the feeling that I could have died. Yikes.

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