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Emma Stone Commits to “Cruella 2,” Despite Rumored Lawsuit

During one of Disney’s quarterly earnings call this past week, Disney announced Emma Stone is still committed to being Cruella. She will star in the upcoming “Cruella 2,” which as of now does not have a release date. “Cruella” earned a whopping $85 million at the domestic box office and $221 million at the global.

Despite it being released on Disney+ the same day as theaters, the movie did well and thankfully that warrants a sequel! The creative team behind the first film, director Craig Gillespie and writer Tony McNamara, are both returning.

Director Craig Gillespie on set of Disney’s live-action “Cruella.” Photo by Laurie Sparham.

This comes at an interesting time as “Black Widow’s” streaming release had some issues that are causing blowback from the star. Scarlett Johannson even filed a lawsuit against Disney asking for fair dues, as her contract reportedly did not have anything about earning from streaming sales included.

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It was rumored that Stone was also considering a lawsuit, but it appears she and Disney and worked something out. Either way, we’re excited for Cruella to get a second movie.

If you haven’t seen the 2021 film, we highly recommend it.

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