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Watch: Amazingly Cool Synchronized Slinky Routine

Playing with a slinky has never looked cooler. Seriously! This routine was recently shared on Reddit’s r/SlinkyManipulation and now that I’ve seen it I’ll never look at a slinky the same way again. Gone are the days of painstakingly trying to show my kid that they slinky actually works on stairs. They don’t believe me, probably because I keep having to go back and push it down the stairs when it stops. But I’m certain they used to…anyway I digress.

These two, what I assume are professional slinky-ers showed off their skills in a TikTok video which ended up on Reddit. In the video you can see them doing a synchronized routine where they zip, zap, and twirl around rainbow colored Slinkys. It’s definitely something that would be cool to see as a glow in the dark rave type performance. And something I may or may not take up in my spare time.

Check out the video below!

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