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Watch: Three Owls Partying on an Arizona Doorstep

Ok so I’m going to have to get myself a Ring Doorbell for the amount of articles I’ve written about cool stuff captured on them. In this case, it was three owls who were having a feast on an Arizona drive way. They all seem to be having a great time and one even stares down the camera. That’s probably the coolest thing you’ll see all day! Unless you read our other articles of course because we generally put out awesome stuff all the time.

Now one thing about these cameras is that they capture the behavior that we don’t usually see. At night when we’re asleep we have no idea what’s going on outside. So these owls, well call them Rudy, Trudy and Broody were just having the time of their lives eating all the gross bugs that skitter across out porches. You can watch them in Ring’s YouTube video down below.

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Now I’ve always wondered why owls and other birds sounded so close to my window at night. Even earplugs can’t drown them out completely. Now I know they’re just keeping my home free and clear of bugs. And for that, I thank them.

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