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Gonna Need a Bigger Tub: Tubbz has “Jaws” Rubber Ducks!

In some very exciting news “Jaws” will now be entering the TUBBZ line of rubber ducks. That means you’ll finally be able to play out Chief Brody blasting him in your tub. I’ve been waiting for the day I could do this and throw in one of those cool shark bath bombs that bleed red when they hit the water. PLUS it’s an amazing way to introduce your kids to movie plots before they’re ready to watch something that scary.

Also, let’s just take a minute to appreciate that Quint is crushing his Narragansett Lager can.

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These are all official “Jaws” merchandise, and are going to be a joy to play with.

They also come in cool collectible boxes so even if you don’t play with them you can still proudly display them. Check them out on JustGeek’s website here.

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