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Ring Fit Adventure Impossible to Get Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

I’ve been trying to get my hands on a Ring Fit for a few weeks now and was getting frustrated that it seemed impossible to find. The only way I could possibly get it was through a third party like Ebay and it’s currently going for $150-$200. And the reason is that because there are so many people in China currently quarantined due to Coronavirus, they have bought up most of the available stock for Ring Fit Adventure to stay active while stuck in their homes.

It’s reasonable to want to stay active but it sure does put pressure on Nintendo to release more of the game. The problem is that it’s not just the game but the Ring that you put the Switch controllers into to help you exercise. Even if you wanted to digitally download it you couldn’t. Currently the only digital download is available in Japan and they still make you buy the leg accessory and ring fit separately. There is no digital download available anywhere else in the world.

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It would seem that with some short viral videos of the gameplay many Chinese retailers have bought stock from anywhere they can worldwide. The game isn’t available in China but due to a special Tencent Nintendo Switch they are able to play the game. However Chinese game releases can not be played on other Switch consoles.

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This isn’t the only thing that’s been affected by the Coronavirus or COVID-19, the special release of the Animal Crossing Switch has also been pushed back. Though by the time of this writing they should be shipped as the push back date was March 7th.

So hopefully Nintendo will be able to release more of the game sometime soon because there is definitely a demand for it. Though with everything going on with Coronavirus it may be easier said than done. I guess if all else fails we can always play Just Dance which is also a cardio activity.

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