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Mighty Morphin’ Blue Ranger David Yost Returns in “Power Rangers: Rise of the Ninja” Episode 2

It has been quite the few years for Power Rangers Fan Films! From Power Rangers Unworthy uniting fans to create their own content; to Crimson Vision Studios and Nerdbot Productions creating the “Power Rangers: Extended Universe.” The fandom is alive and kicking! And now we have the latest release in the PR:EU! Get ready for an action packed second episode of “Power Rangers: Rise of the Ninja”! (Episode 1 is here if you haven’t seen it)

Not only do they have William Shewfelt (Ninja Steel Red Ranger) and Jessica Rey (White Wild Force Ranger) returning; they also have David Yost (Blue Mighty Morphin’ Ranger) making his big return to the Power Rangers Universe. But, not as Billy! Watch the episode below to learn more about his character.

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As you can see, this series continuously bridges multiple ranger series together. It dives deep into the Power Ranger lore, all while throwing some twists in the mix when you least expect it. Make sure you check out all of the other series that are included in the “Power Rangers: Extended Universe”.

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