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An Official “Tomb Raider” Cookbook And Travel Guide is Coming

Ever wondered how Lady Lara Croft would eat while she’s out exploring tombs and ruins? Well that would depend on what kinds of foods were available to her, wherever in the world she was. She’s gone a number of places throughout the years. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of “Tomb Raider,” Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have teamed up to create an official cookbook and travel guide!

In it, fans can explore 40 different recipes from locations Lara Croft has visited around the world.

“Tomb Raider” has been one of the most popular games for the last two and a half decades and has had multiple films come out. It’s about time we’re able to enjoy some of the food that would be associated with it! Other franchises have had cookbooks come out like “Harry Potter” or “Dungeons & Dragons.” Some have even had really cool unofficial cookbooks like “Legend of Zelda.” This book will be sure to attract attention on your shelf as well.

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Check out the official listing for the book on Amazon:

Join Lara Croft on a global journey and prepare delicious food from around the world with Tomb Raider: The Official Cookbook and Travel Guide.

Tomb Raider: The Official Cookbook and Travel Guide is a thrilling and delicious tutorial on recipes based on the cultural history of the many locations Lara Croft has visited throughout her 25 years of global adventures—bringing the taste back home to you. Inspired by the hit Tomb Raider videogame franchise, this book features over 40 recipes from the many locations Lara Croft visits and explores across the globe, with food and drinks inspired by key characters and locations. Also included is expert information on the cultural history of the many beautiful cities and countries to which she travels. A global exploration, this unique cookbook and travel guide takes fans on an exclusive journey across the planet chasing the thrills and adventures of Lara Croft. Featuring beautiful full color photography as well as stunning art from the games, this is the ultimate gift for fans, travelers, and food aficionados alike.

The book is up for pre-order on Amazon with a shipping date of October 26th, 2021. It might make a cool Christmas gift for the nerdy foodie in your life.

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