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Photographer Makes Hobbit Hole For Wild Mouse Named George

What’s better than having a furry friend you’re not fully responsible for living in your own backyard? I mean really! If I’m not watching squirrels climb up trees I’m hanging out with possums. Photographer Simon Dell was lucky enough to find out that he had a couple of wild mice living in a log pile nearby and has created a whole photo series about it. George the Mouse is a very loved and cared for little guy. And most recently he’s been residing in a Hobbit Hole of his very own.

Simon built them a set piece to get their attention. He wanted them to have a nice area where he could snap some cute photos. Now the mice nicknamed George, Mildred and their baby Mini are living it up in style. Dell also gets them little food gifts when he goes out to see them. He picks nuts and berries on his walk around a nature reserve near his home in Sheffield.

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If you want to follow George the mouse and his family there is even a cute Facebook page. If you want to see them every day Simon Dell also sells calendars and other items with images he’s taken on them. You can check them out here.

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