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These “Jurassic Park” Heels Light Up and Have Mosquitos Inside!

I may have joined a Facebook Group that has all kinds of cool and quirky art. And I may or may not be an international super spy. Yes that’s a TikTok reference because I’m obsessed… Anyway, recently a member in the group posted these amazing shoes with a link to her online shop called Ghoulish Shoes, and I couldn’t resist writing about it! I hope they don’t mind me lurking there because some of this stuff is truly amazing.

Ghoulish Shoes

The shoes are custom made for the site. They have light up heels with mosquitos inside which if you recall is where they get the “Dino DNA” in the movie. My favorite part about these shoes is the amber color within the heels and the use of the colors of the original “Jurassic Park” logo. Believe me when I say if I had a pair of shoes like these, they’d go straight into my display case. And I’m not typically a display your shoes type person.

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The switch to turn these on and off is located under the heel and it’s easy to change batteries. They are 4.7 inches high so not so crazy that they might be uncomfortable. They are substantial enough to give you a good lift. Because these are specially made for Ghoulish Shoes they can take up to 10 weeks to design.

Check out the page for these shoes and more on Ghoulish Shoes’ website here.

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