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Let Your Pet Soar on this Flying Nimbus Cloud Cushion

Attention all “Dragon Ball” fans and fur parents! If your furry best friend is pure of heart, they can now unleash their Dragon Soul and hitch a ride on their very own Flying Nimbus pet cushion!

Originally passed down to Master Roshi from the wise feline martial arts expert Korin, The Flying Nimbus served as a useful form of energy-sparing transport for Son Goku and the Z Fighters. Now, your pet can conserve their energy and catch up on their zzz’s with this charming replica.

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This officially licensed Dragon Ball Flying Nimbus Cloud Pet Cushion is shaped and colored like the iconic Flying Nimbus cloud featured most prominently in the original Dragon Ball manga and anime series, and its successor, Dragon Ball Z. The cushion is big enough to accommodate most medium-sized pets, whether you’ve got your own Korin the cat, or Shu the Shiba Inu.  Remember– the Flying Nimbus can only be ridden by those who are pure of heart, so if you’ve got a naughty fur baby at home, this cushion may not be for you– though it could maybe make an exception if your pet is cute enough. 

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The Dragon Ball Flying Nimbus Pet Cushion will provide lots of comfort for your pets. It could even serve as an awesome prop for Fido’s reluctant but adorable Goku cosplay! Show off your love of Dragon Ball and pay tribute to your best friend by coasting this Flying Nimbus cushion into your home!

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Features of The Dragon Ball Flying Nimbus Pet Cushion:

  • Goku’s Flying Nimbus Cloud
  • Color: Yellow
  • Accommodates most dogs and cats of small to medium size
  • Officially licensed Dragon Ball Product

The Flying Nimbus Cloud Cushion can be found here.

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