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Zack Snyder’s Opinion on Batman and Catwoman’s Canon ‘Relations’

Another day, another notable expert in Batman lore weighs in on the current Dark Knight debate. If you’ll recall, earlier this week the internet lit their own batsignal after it was revealed someone at Warner Bros. Animation requested a certain scene be removed from HBO Max’s adult-oriented “Harley Quinn” animated series. Specifically, a scene that reportedly would have shown (or implied, no one is really sure) that Batman and Catwoman, consenting adults, would engage in certain bedroom activities.

That sounds fine on the surface, right? A couple with an 80-year relationship history, albeit a couple who run around in footie pjs and brood on Gotham rooftops, having fun in the bedroom makes sense. But it was the act that caused the issue, as “Harley Quinn” co-creator Justin Halpern revealed the one thing that WB asked be removed.

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Apparently, it was a scene involving Batman performing cunnilingus on Catwoman that had execs proclaiming “heroes don’t do that.” It’s like this nameless exec doesn’t understand how a long-lasting relationship actually WORKS?! Ok the.

Understandably, this caused all kinds of uproar across the internet, with creators, artists, even former Batman actors (like Val Kilmer) weighing in on the subject.

Which brings us to today’s entry (technically last night’s entry), with Zack Snyder‘s opinion.

Well, that sure is pretty darn clear.

Obviously, this is an act that ONLY heroes perform.

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