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Ways to Know Whether Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You

Many people are affected by their partner cheating on them, both directly and indirectly. It happens more often than we’d like to believe. Your boyfriend may be acting in a suspicious way, leading you to question his fidelity. A friend or loved one might have shared their doubts with you. However, it’s also true that many people’s relationships go through rough patches and his seeming loss of interest in you might also be temporary. 

While technology makes it easier to cheat on a partner, it also makes it easier to get caught. Still, it’s rarely as simple as seeing your boyfriend’s text messages or an email revealing their deceitful behavior. While there are signs that can indicate whether your boyfriend is cheating, which we will discuss in this article, you can’t know for sure unless you catch him in the act.  

A Second Phone Number or Email 

You may realize you didn’t know that your boyfriend had a ‘backup’ phone or email for private matters. He might also start getting anxious when you get near his phone. When it rings, he may also leave the room to take the call. 

Is your boyfriend suddenly glued to his phone? It is also important to avoid overlooking red flags, such as him getting mad when you ask whom he’s texting or refusing to tell you. This is not a normal reaction for someone who has nothing to hide. 

He’s Always Very Busy 

If your boyfriend suddenly started working late every night or has to travel on business a lot more often, he might be seeing someone on the side. It’s normal if he got a new job or a promotion, but if that’s not the case and he’s also acting suspiciously in other ways, this is likely a cause for concern. In addition, there might be someone new at work he wants to spend time with. Another sign of him being interested in someone else is if he started going to happy hours with colleagues a lot more often. 

Particular About his Appearance 

Did your boyfriend suddenly start caring a lot about his appearance? Or maybe, he has unexpectedly joined a gym? Of course, there might be other reasons for this. Sometimes, we may simply decide we need to get in shape. 

He Avoids Intimacy 

Perhaps, your boyfriend used to be affectionate and loving, but he’s acting cold now. Some men will find it impossible to be loving and affectionate to both their girlfriend and the person they are seeing on the side, especially if cheating is something new for them.  

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He’s Angry With You All the Time 

If he’s always picking fights or seems angry all the time, he might be projecting his guilt onto you. This way, he’s making you out to be a bad person so he doesn’t feel as guilty about cheating. 

His Dating Profile is Still Up

If you connected on a dating app and his profile is still up, this is likely a bad sign. Maybe he hasn’t given up on other fish in the sea. Or perhaps, taking it down has slipped his mind. If he reactivates it after taking it down, this is a sign he could be cheating. 

He’s Never in the Mood for Sex 

If he’s getting enough affection from another woman, he might be avoiding it with you. Alternatively, he might want it more often as a way to deal with guilt. Any alteration of your usual patterns can be a red flag.

He’s Become Secretive About Money 

He used to leave bank or credit card statements lying around. Now, he’s even started hiding his phone bill. Maybe he’s spending more money than usual on his new interest, and he doesn’t want you to know. In this case, you should consider whether his spending habits have changed in any way. He might be buying gifts for another woman, as well as buying himself new clothes, or spending money on dinners with her. 

Mood Swings

Cheating on a partner can be an anxiety-inducing experience. Men and women who cheat can be joyful one second and gloomy the next. He might experience euphoria over the chance of an illicit relationship, but get depressed when the other woman is not available or if he succumbs to a sudden surge of guilt. This could explain their mood swings, especially frequent ones.

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