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Premium Bandai Releases Gorgeous “Sailor Moon Eternal”

If you’re a doll collector from the 90’s who remember the ‘frog face’ Sailor Moon dolls, then you’re really going to love how pretty this new one is. Bandai Premium created this “Sailor Moon Eternal” doll to look like some of the highly coveted releases in Japan. and you’re going to love showing this off in your collection.

The doll is 8.6 inches tall, which is about standard. The elbows and knees are jointed so you will be able to place her in a sitting position or try other poses. The crystal compacts are clear and have refined features. They also spent a lot of time on her hair which you can see by the way it curls in the tails and her bangs fan out.

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The doll also comes with a trading card and a beautifully gold plated kaleidoscope wand like the one she uses in the film.

Honestly this doll is the best thing to come out for her since the doll appeared at Universal Studios Japan. You’ll want to order one soon to make sure you have her sitting in your collection. I’m also secretly hoping that this will be the first in a long line of other doll releases for the other senshi.

You can pre-order Sailor Moon here from Premium Bandai. If you order now, it will ship to you in September.

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