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How to Be a Nerd in High School

Schoolers know a lot about the so-called nerds. These are highly intelligent schoolers who seem to know everything about anything. Many high schoolers hate nerds because they are much smarter than they are. They do not want to accept too smart people. It’s wrong behavior, but nerds have to face it. Besides, it does not frighten them. Many schoolers want to become nerds in high school. An experienced team of professional essay writers from an academic writing service CustomWritings have prepared an interesting guide, which teaches how to be a nerd in high school and succeed in learning.

Be Singular

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First, make sure you “sink” in your passion. Nerds commonly follow one dream and have the same nerdy habits. You should have clear habits that never change. Thus, you become singular in everything you do.

Focus on a Concrete Direction

Secondly, choose a subject you love and need. Although nerds seem to be excellent in all subjects, not all of them are important for their future. High school is a life period when teens begin to realize who they want to become. If you want to become a biologist, make sure you pay most of your attention to biology. It will be your future profession after all.

Don’t Get Tired of Asking Questions

Thirdly, always ask questions! This habit is common for all nerds, and others know about that fact. Others say that nerds suck upon teachers. Well, if you want to be a real nerd, this behavior is appropriate for your choice. Besides, you will always know the answers and will never regret situations when you kept silent in the classroom. People gain knowledge by asking questions!

Stuck Your Nose in Sciences

True nerds are all about learning. It must be your main habit of passion. Make sure you:

  • Study every day;
  • Do not miss classes;
  • Do some interesting experiments;
  • Read more than necessary;
  • Remain up to date in sciences;
  • Participate in extracurricular activities.

Expand Your Vocabulary and Use It

Nerds are well-known for the right words they use. Their speech is so sophisticated. You never hear them making grammar mistakes or using words that don’t belong to the topic. Therefore, you should increase your active vocabulary.

  • Read scientific books and journals;
  • Use encyclopedia;
  • Consult experts;
  • Learn at least 10 new words every day;
  • Use online vocabulary and similar tools.
Keep Going!
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Of course, you are supposed to use the gained knowledge in real life. Otherwise, you won’t be a true nerd. After you learn new words, make sure you use them in your speech.

Read Ahead

Another crucial tip is to read everything ahead. Do you remember Hermione Granger from Harry Potter? She knew everything even before a teacher assigned an assignment. She managed that because she read all that she could beforehand. Use the same strategy. Do not wait until your teacher tells you to read the next topic. Be the first to know everything and finish all textbooks faster than the rest of the class.

Acting as a Nerd

Being highly intelligent does not necessarily mean you are a nerd. You may be very smart and be a captain of the football team at the same time. “True” nerds are supposed to act as nerds. Therefore, we have a few more final tips that will turn you into a “real” nerd. They are as follows:

  • Don’t read popular journals and magazines;
  • Don’t watch popular TV shows;
  • Choose everyday clothes and wear them to school;
  • Join nerd industry;
  • Carry a book bag;
  • Write fast and neat;
  • Lose yourself in your passion;
  • Study all time long;
  • Be nice and positive;
  • Use the right words;
  • Watch news channels such as BBC and CNN;
  • Watch Discovery Channel;
  • Study even at night.

As for the last point on the list, be sure you do not study too much! Otherwise, you risk getting exhausted, and it will negatively reflect on your health and mood.

How Not to Look Like a Nerd

Although many students dream of being nerds, they do not really want to show that to others. We all know about the negative thinking about nerds by other high schoolers. Therefore, their desire to be disguised is clear. We propose a shortlist of smart tips that will help not to look like a nerd. These are as follows:

  • Be confident. All nerds are commonly clumsy and unsure. You should express high self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Have many friends. Most nerds have about 3-4 friends who are also nerds. If you want to differ from them, make a lot of friends and try to choose different personalities.
  • Don’t dress like a nerd. One of the most obvious rules of not being a nerd is to never dress like any of them. It means your clothes should be different every day and have a sense of style.
  • Don’t advertise your grades. Nerds can be easily detected by high grades. If it’s possible, try not to show your grades.
  • Try not to be too cool. Nerds who want to disguise themselves, mistakably act as cool guys. However, if you overdo it, others will quickly reveal your nature.
  • Go in for sports. As most nerds aren’t sporty, play at least one sport.

We also want to remind you of the importance of being yourself. Although you try to disguise the fact that you are a nerd, you should never change the core of who you are. Otherwise, you’ll lose your identity.

Summing Up

There is nothing wrong or ridiculous about being a nerd at high school. Unfortunately, many teenagers don’t understand that and nerds suffer because of that. You should never lose the faith in yourself and remain who you really want to be. Our tips show how to become a nerd at high school. Use them wisely and you’ll enjoy success!

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