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Bodybuilders Fight Over How Many Days a Week Has

You would think that in divisive times, perhaps one thing that everyone could agree on is how many days are in a week. The answer of course, is seven. Whether you start counting on Sunday and end on Saturday, or start on Monday and end on Sunday, there’s seven days to be had. Leave it to the internet though to even bring something that simple into dispute back in 2008 via a bodybuilders forum.

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It all started when a forum user by the name of M1ndless wanted to know if it was safe to do a full body workout every other day. Another user responded that most beginner workouts operate on a three times a week schedule. In response, M1ndless notes that going every other day would be more than three times a week, that it would in fact be four or five times.

This is where a second player, Steviekm3 comes in and makes a valid mathematical point. If a week is seven days, you’d only be going to the gym 3.5 times a week if you went every other day. Another user, TheJosh (seemingly an alias of M1ndless) starts to ridicule the notion of doing a half a work out day, and settles on the notion that if you go to the gym every other day, you’d be going four times a week, every week.

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Enter our final player, Justin-27 who will start escalating things with TheJosh very quickly. The former tries to explain to the latter that a week does not start and end on Sunday as that would be eight days. TheJosh seems to either not understand this logic or is just functioning on a different conceptual level of time and existence, telling Justin-27 that he better start looking at a calendar. He then goes on to provide one in a no longer accessible image. In lieu of this, we at Nerdbot have provided one for your convenience.

From a simple glance, TheJosh’s logic doesn’t …work out (pun fully intended.) Apparently for these bodybuilders, you would work out four days a week, but it would alternate with three day weeks based off a seven-day week being an odd number of days. The lengths to which he goes through though are absurd, with Justin-27’s efforts to show how wrong TheJosh is, rising to match it.

We don’t want to spoil the laughable extent of things and the reaction of other forum members to this bizarre argument, so check out the link below to see the original forum exchange and how things went down. Be advised though, there’s a lot of ignorant language being used, specifically people using offensive terminology for those with impaired learning skills. It was just as ignorant in 2008 as it is today. And for the record, despite the stereotypes associated with bodybuilding and bodybuilders, most weightlifters are not stupid people who engage in absurd conversations.

But these are some exceptional characters at work here. Enjoy.

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