The Most Magical Black Fae Day: Faes and More!

May 8th was a beautiful day online as we were all blessed by Black Fae Day! For those who do not know, Black Fae Day is a celebration of melanin in “the most magical way.” Beginning with JupiterJazz (@maximilli_lo on Twitter), who was inspired by Kenji K, called on all Black content creators to participate. We are happy to report that the campaign was a beautiful success with many participants!

Using #BlackFaeDay, from Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram there have been many sightings of these magical beings. Consisting of cosplayers, makeup artists, crafters, and writers it is a wonderful acknowledgement that mystical creatures come in all shapes, sizes, and colors! 

Seeing how many creators are participating globally, it is a solid guarantee that fantasy and fiction aren’t all fair skinned. We can not wait to see more representation in future films, shows, and stories. There has definitely been an influx of representation from Bridgerton to Lovecraft County to Wings of Ebony as more people have shown interest in diverse casting on popular shows, films, and books.

Updated news on @BlackFaeDayOfficial’s Instagram!

Announced on May 13th @BlackFaeDayOfficial made a post announcing that BFD is organizing an event September 25th, 2021 called “The Sankofa Solstice” and have openings for those interested in being a part of the Fairy Court/House.

House leaders are welcome to start their own activities and initiatives as long as it aligns with the BFD mission. The courts selected will serve as Black Fae Day page ambassadors.


You can submit your house information which will include Name, Symbol, Leader(s) and Pronouns, Description, and Socials through BFD’s DM. Due date is June 1st or if the limit of 10 Courts has been reached. We are excited to keep up with Black Fae Day and the Sankofa Solstice event!

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