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Mobile Legends: Best Tips and Tricks

Whether you’re looking for the top characters in Mobile Legends or need a top-notch strategy, it’s always helpful to read guides that aid you on your way to becoming an unstoppable legend. What you may not know is that your account level plays a vital role in unlocking content and rewards along the way.

With these Mobile Legends tips and tricks, we’ll show you how to quickly progress through the various levels.

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Understanding Celestial Levels

When you finish tasks and fight battles, you receive experience (EXP) that levels up your account. When you reach level 30, you unlock Celestial Levels. They begin at Lvl1 and proceed up until Lvl99. The higher you climb the ladder, the more rewards you’ll earn.

Our Mobile Legends tips and tricks below reveal how you can speed up the process and attain the ultimate Celestial Level.

Complete Tasks

New Celestial tasks appear every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. When you complete them on those specific days, you’ll receive a massive amount of EXP. You can also spend Battle Points (BP) if you need to refresh any assignments.

Daily Quests

While daily quests provide less EXP, you should still complete them as often as possible. There are also other rewards to help your heroes become stronger in battle, so pay close attention to what you receive.

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Obtaining Chests

If you’re diligent in performing daily tasks, you could rack up between 400 and 800 activity points. You could receive Medal and Free Chests, depending on which achievements and assignments you’ve completed. There are loads of EXP to be found in them.

The Ultimate Apprentice

While being a mentor has no EXP perks, being an apprentice to one does. As you complete missions with your Mobile Legends master, you’ll receive tons of rewards to help you level up.

Cards with Double Experience

One of the rewards you might receive is the “Double Experience” card. When you activate it, you’ll EXP will shoot through the roof with each mission and battle.

Battle Your Way to the Stars!

With our Mobile Legends tips and tricks under your wing, there’s no reason you can’t succeed and become an epic gamer. Remember to choose the best hero for each battle and maintain your role among the team.

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