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Fan Makes Lady Dimitrescu Action Figure We Definitely Want

“Resident Evil: Village” has been out a week now, and we’re all still very much keen on Lady Dimitrescu, the larger-than-life Vampire lady who stalks the gothic castle in the early hours of the fantastic action-horror romp. When the eye-catching vampire woman was first unveiled in a teaser trailer, it seems developer Capcom were taken a little by surprise at just how much audiences would be taken by the wonderful Madame Dimitrescu and her five lovely… sorry, three lovely daughters.

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Not wanting to waste that fan love, Capcom immediately turned up the hype machine to eleven on the pre-release plan, making the giant vampire lady the focus of much marketing, overshadowing the other characters in the upcoming game completely. There’s been nine feet tall standees, city buses bearing her lovely visage, and even a Japanese puppet show showing the playful antics of the Lady and the other Lords of the cursed little village.

But fans are still quite desperately missing that much needed merch for our new favorite character. One fan, senior video editor for IGN Kevin Cappiello, saw the hole in the market and decided to have some fun with it. Thus, here we have a fan-made 90’s style ad for the Lady Dimitrescu action figure, bells, whistles, and enthusiastic…kids… and all.

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Let’s hope Capcom takes the hint and gives us the Lady Dimitrescu merch that fans are clearly crying out for. Action figures, t-shirts, dolls with removable clothes, we’ll have the lot. I have a bare corner that I know a statue would look just great in…

“Resident Evil Village” is out on Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC now.

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