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Matthew Perry Teases Cameras Rolling on “Friends” Reunion Special

Seminal 90s sitcom “Friends” was about as much as a cultural influence as you can imagine. If you were there to live through it, you remember that the world was for a few years awash in endless catchphrases, Joey impressions, and various renditions of “Smelly Cat.” “Friends” was the comfy sitcom for everyday white people, and it was a ratings hit that kept on coming season after season.

Ending with a (some might say underwhelming) grand finale in 2004, the ten seasons are still much beloved by fans, endlessly viewed on streaming services, and the instantly recognizable characters of Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Pheobe, Ross, and of course Joey are still seen on merchandise, books, and themed lattes to this very day.

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With any show of its kind, there’s been a buzz of a proper reunion or even a new series for a long time, and one of the stars let something slip in an Instagram post this Friday last.

In a now deleted post, Matthew Perry said he was “Seconds before eating a makeup brush. Not to mention reuniting with my friends.”

Chandler was always known for putting his foot in his mouth more often than not after all, and the photo was quickly removed from the actor’s Instagram, but trigger happy fans were quick to screenshot it, and are obviously hyped and ready. You know that no actor from the show would ever use the ‘F’ word lightly, even when talking about their actual friends!

What we know so far of the seemingly underway reunion special is that due to Covid-19, previous shoots had been cancelled and rescheduled. The entire original main cast is on board to reprise their roles, and the special will be directed by Ben Winston. Set designer Greg Grande also recently posted a photo to his Instagram of the iconic apartment set, which was also quickly removed!

We don’t know yet when the special will air on HBO Max, but fans are excited, and it looks like the stars are eager to hang out with their friends again.

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