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Got a Treadmill? Use it for a Hot Wheels Demolition Derby!

So you opted to buy a treadmill rather than go to the gym. Now, you have it sitting in your home, and only use it to throw laundry on top of while you’re folding. Maybe you use it for its intended purpose, and maybe you don’t. But you know what it would be good for? Hot Wheels!

YouTuber Steve Wilkins has put out a whole series of Hot Wheels car races hosted on his treadmill at home. Things like this are always enjoyable to watch. I’d put this up there with marble runs and dominoes. The best part to these however is that there is some delightful commentary included.

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What’s even sweeter is that “special guest Tyler” is his son. So this is really just some wholesome family bonding time that we get to share. As the cars race and some fall off they begin to increase the speed making it go faster and faster until just one is left.

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