8 Video Game Sneaker Collaborations We Want to See Happen

Themed sneakers aren’t anything new. Usually these collabs they have a limited run, and when we can snag a pair they become our most favorite shoes. For instance I had “101 Dalmatians” shoes that lasted *YEARS* but alas I wore them so much they had to go in the bin. We’ve seen Disney collaborations, Nintendo, and even some other video game ones. Looking at you Adidas-Cyberpunk 2077.

We’ve found some concept art of mock up designs that we really wish were real. Especially these “Animal Crossing” ones.

Again none of these shoes are real. They were designed by Supplement Timing. Some are great, while others…..well personally I wouldn’t wear them. But that’s the fun thing about fashion isn’t it? Everyone’s taste is different.

1) Animal Crossing

Supplement Timing

So the thing about this one is that it may happen in the future. Or at least a variation of it. Vans has already partnered with Nintendo in the past to bring us some really cool Super Mario print shoes. We’ve seen Build-a-Bear come out with “Animal Crossing” plushies (that sold out immediately). The prospect of cute “Animal Crossing” shoes really isn’t that far of a stretch. We especially love that this design uses the Nook Inc. pattern that is prevalent in the game.

2) Bioshock Infinite

Supplement Timing

These shoes are designed for the game “Bioshock Infinite.” They boast a cool steam punk design and look very comfortable. We’re always for a stylish slip on shoe!

3) God of War

Supplement Timing

The “God of War” design looks sturdy. You could probably walk a thousand miles in these shoes comfortably because they also seem to be lined with faux fur for warmth.

4) Journey

Supplement Timing

I’m not sure about this one, I’m sure someone would like it. It appears to have the sock built into the shoe so bonus points for a time saving solution.

5) Portal

Supplement Timing

These one’s just look cool. They’d be great to wear to any birthday party where the cake is not a lie.

6) Resident Evil: Village

Supplement Timing

These “Resident Evil” sneakers capitalize on the gothic undercurrent of Dracula’s homeland. They’re made to be durable in snow and have a nice aesthetic because blood and snow is very pretty.

7) World of Warcraft

Supplement Timing

Honestly if you hadn’t told me these were “World of Warcraft,” I probably wouldn’t have connected the two. Generally when you think of the brand you think Alliance and Horde which has their own color combinations. These feel pretty generic but would go great with any outfit with lots of spikes.

8) Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Supplement Timing

These “Zelda: Breath of the Wild” high tops are really nice. The colors are perfect and it looks like you could even clip a little bag of herbs to cook with on some of those straps. Go walking in the forest and beyond with these awesome shoes.

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