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“Cobra Kai” Gets An Anime Style Opening Sequence

While we’re waiting for news on when season four will drop on Netflix it looks like they have been working on something. On April 1st, the streaming giant released an anime style opening for the show. Yes, we know it could be that they wanted to do something for April Fools Day. But it could also mean that they’re actively working on promotional material for the coming season.

Here’s a look at that opening sequence. If this doesn’t make you wish for an actual anime with John Kreese as an OP anime villain I don’t know what will.

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If you haven’t watched the show we highly recommend you do. You don’t have to watch the movies again, just put it on. It really does a good job of incorporating some of the relevant scenes from the films into the narrative of the show. Season 4 started filming, so if you’re waiting to binge the entire series from beginning to end start now!

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